The studio euphotographo was founded by Sergio Rosario in 2003.

Sérgio Rosário is an advertising and fashion photographer. He’s work is seen in numerous publications including Mens Health, Vogue, Elle, Fhm, MCmag, FS, Soup, N’Style, Umbigo, Activa…

The advertising clients include: LG Coreia, Epson, Mc Donalds, MillenniumBcp, Nestlé, Auchan, Unitel, Bar, Santander-Totta, Imperio, Cofidis, McDonalds, Bes, Lightning Bolt, Jaguar, Fiat, Lidl, Aki, Lisbon Zoo, FactoLab, Area, Galp, Singer, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Tagus, Sagres, Super Bock, BBDO, Hpp-Eurorscg, Ogilvy, Bar, Fischer, Partnners, EpgTbwa,

General Portfolio

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Editorial Portfolio

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 Landscape Portfolio

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