Euphotographo is a professional studio with an expert crew prepared to offer anything needed to make your photo or video shoot successful. For example:

On request
• photographic assistants
• casting (euphotographo works with a wide selection of model agencies, kids, actor
_and character agencies)
• stylists (every speciality, tailor made also available)
• set dresser and product stylists
• hair & make-up artists
• setbuilders, architects and interior decorators
• wind and smoke machine
• camera equipment and lighting for rent
• props and modelmaking (to any specifications)
• location scouting & management (find suitable production locations)
• travel, hotel and vehicles (including a custom built location bus offering make-up
_and wardrobe/changing facilities, toilet, etc.)
• post-production (post-production companies of international standard)
• video editing
• catering
• security

Studio extras
(free of charge)
• grip, double wind up, boom
• stands, polyboards
• steamer